EI Publishing

Emu Ink is an independent publishers bridging the gap between self publishing and traditional with a new type of format - Assisted publishing. The company was officially launched on March 27th, 2013, in the Irish Writers' Centre, by the then Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan.

It is run by Founder and Managing Director, Emer Cleary, who is a former Journalist and Newspaper Editor, and her husband Brian who is a Software Developer (for more information see Who We Are).

What We Do

The digital age is having a huge impact on the market and at Emu Ink we are embracing that with a revolutionary new online library - the first of its kind.

What this means is that we have built a system which allows us to rent out our authors' titles on any internet-enabled device. This is more lucrative for the author in terms of royalty (70 per cent in the author's favour, after transaction fee) and ensures an author's book availability to a wider audience. The site, and our authors so far, have enjoyed much media attention since our launch and this is very beneficial to anyone looking to come on board.

Our initial package is an epublishing package which includes editing, original cover design, formatting, ISBN and distribution etc (see Get a Quote where you can submit your details for a full costing) but the option to go paperback, which is a separate cost, is also there. We work with excellent printers and have, we believe, the best quality and prices around - making it easier and faster to recoup your initial outlay. Once printed, we then sell the books through the site, and supply ebooks to all the major retailers worldwide as well as rent digitally. Additionally we have links with bookshop distributers countrywide.

Essentially what we do is assist people to publish. Those looking to take publishing into their own hands but not specifically self-publish, and seeking the professional service you would expect from a traditional company, are our target market. We do have quality control and do not sign up every author - we have to see potential. And with a strong background in media (Our founder, Emer Cleary, was a newspaper and magazine Editor, between the UK and Ireland, for 10 years before founding Emu Ink) we assess books based on their quality as well as their marketability and then meet with the author if it is something we are willing to take forward. The onus is still very much on the author to push and promote too, but we use our contacts on their behalf also. As we are a library we are not genre specific and publish fiction, non-fiction, crime, sport, children's etc. Since launching we have published some of the country's youngest authors as well as some highly-respected novelists, short story writers and non-fiction titles (for more information see our library).

The first step, when an author gets in touch, is that we request the first six chapters of the work and a synopsis of the rest of the book. When we have assessed these, and the book's overall potential, we will then get back to the author with feedback and if it is something which we are interested in taking further we will request a meeting.

Publish With Us

If you are interested in becoming an Emu Ink Author go to Get a Quote or Contact Us today. We look forward to hearing from you!